The Lunatic Memoirs…

The Lunatic Memoirs

Reading the raving reviews and what this book is about has me very, very scared. I know there are many people out there who love to feel this way, so check out this book. Let’s look at a review first!

~ Review by Karl – !! I’m Lost For Words !!

“This beautifully twisted book is a work of genius and I can’t believe just how unique it is. Once you start reading you cannot stop. It is written from the perspective of Jack Downing, a seriously deranged young man who commits incredibly heinous crimes, and believes he is chosen by ‘The Almighty Himself’ to eradicate the ‘breathing breeders’ of this world. He is a sickeningly smart and devious character and I simply cannot begin to describe his wickedness. Thatcher C. Nalley’s inimitable imagination and style is completely different to any I have come across before. Whatever I write in this review will not do it justice! You have to read this! This book will find itself among the classics without a shadow of a doubt. I still cannot believe what I have just read! 10/10″

Now let’s look at the Author – Thatcher C. Nalley

Thatcher C Nalley

Thatcher C. Nalley (born December 14,1969) was raised as an only child and spent most of her life in Northern California, USA. Out of high school Thatcher spent 7 years active duty in the United States Army, which entailed traveling the world. Most recently she worked for a local Mental Health Crisis Unit center where clients were assessed during mentally unstable crisis situations. This included interacting with people of all ages who have a range of behavior disorders from depression to schizophrenia. Thatcher has also been a peer counselor and educator for the prevention and dynamics of child abuse trauma. A single mom of two beautiful girls Thatcher currently resides and writes in Northern California.

Time for the Book Description: 

Jack Downing has become one of the most influential business tycoons in the world.

Jack Downing also believes that God has chosen him to annihilate the entire existence of human beings.

Convinced that God has chosen him to be “The One”, the successful Jack Downing will set out to kill off all of mankind. As he begins to carry out the plan of extinction, and with only one year left to do so, Jack begins to write on how he became God’s chosen one.

Written in a narrative form, “The Lunatic Memoirs”, is a novel that journeys deep into the detached reasoning of a psychopathic mind. Jack Downing illuminates how the mind’s line between that which is sane and insane can be truly very thin.

The author of the The Lunatic Memoirs wrote this book in a style I have never seen before…but I loved it. It was an easy read in that I could finish it from beginning to end, in spite of my extremely busy life that allows me very little free time. It is uniquely written and literally has you walking in the shoes of a very twisted lunatic.

~ Review by Kathleen H. – This was an awesome book!!

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