Stuff: A unique handmade book full of facts and quotes!


What a unique idea! When I first saw this book, my very first thought was, “What a keepsake!” This book is for everyone! The author Morissa Schwartz has written a book unlike any other.

In her words: (Kindle pg 1)

My name is Morissa Schwartz, and I’m a nineteen year old college student with an addiction…to reading! Part of the reason for my affliction is due to my competitive nature.

You see my favorite historical US president, Theodore Roosevelt was an avid reader who read over 10,000 books in his lifetime. I am prepared to break that record. – 10,001 books is all I need.

That is how “Stuff” came about. I was reading so much that I decided to start journaling my favorite facts, line and quotes.

Sample page from the book:

Sample Book Photo

Stuff Picture 1

~ Review by Gupta V – Stuff is just what I needed!

I have spent the last few weeks working almost 14 hours a day and have been looking for something that would help me wind down – this book was it! The quotes were great, and the facts – well let me just say that I have added a new “fact” in my arsenal of friendly banter about slang. Usually, when I read, “illustrated”, I think about your standard box illustrations but this book has so much more than that. What you get are art pieces between the pages. This is a great book I will be purchasing to give to family and friends.

Quotes from the book (Kindle pg 2)

“The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the US.”

“Fifteen minutes of fame might be ephemeral, but five minutes of meaning are eternal.” ~ Perry Marshall

Stuff is available on Amazon!

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