Sorry That You’re Dead

Sorry That You're Dead

Guest Article by Blake Jeckel

There aren’t too many people Ruthie can depend on in this effed up world. But when the chips are down. When she’s feeling low, there’s always Shane and Bruce to lift her spirits up out of the gutter. Problem is, the brother duo is forever trying to take sibling rivalry to all new degrees of physicality, resentment that stems beyond tough love. It was never more evident than on this night, a hazy evening fueled by drugs, lust, and death!

This was a great short story. I am wondering what happened after the very end. I’ve gotten to know this author’s books. Please tell us what happened after this ending.

~ Review on Amazon by: I dig the Kindle!! – A good, but sad book

Excerpt: (Rating – R)

This day was doomed from the moment I rolled my sorry carcass out of bed. How could I make such a bold prediction? Well, right before that stupid ass alarm clock woke me from my far too brief, drug induced slumber, I stubbed my toe on the edge of the metal bed rail. Hurts like hell every time it happens, but only on this occasion, I goofed to the point of breaking the skin and drawing blood.

So like a fool on one foot I hopped to the bathroom in search of first aid, dripping blood over the carpet along the way — just more shit for my mother to bitch about. From there it was on to the kitchen, where I stumbled in search of something to calm the growing rumble in my belly, but unfortunately for me, there was nothing going on in this house in the way of food.

Let’s see, the refrigerator was virtually empty with the exception of a quarter carton of milk, expired breakfast sausages, and mixed match condiments. There was cereal in the cupboard, but after laying eyes on that pathetic scene in the ice box, I decided to say the hell with it and fix up a fat joint — the breakfast of true champions.

Everything about this day gave me the blues. The miserable looking clouds in the dull, gray sky. The repulsing aroma of cigarettes, mildew and piss drifting through the house. Everything. Well, almost everything.

Then there was the whole murder thing. Oh yeah — today was the day I officially became a murderer. And seeing how they tend to hand out lifetime sentences for such offenses, I figured my life itself was officially over.

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