Life in Half a Second

Life In Half A Second

Absolute MUST read! Go no further EVERYTHING you need to know about achieving lasting success is in this book!~ Review by Dr. David Duggan

“Absolute MUST read! It’s in my “All Time Favourites” books to read. At last a book based on real facts, evidence and research on achieving success. Matt has saved me so much time and effort by revealing the simple and easy 5 steps to achieving lasting success. Looking back I now know that whenever I had achieved success in the past, I had followed the 5 steps… but didn’t realise I’d done so. Its now clear and easy to follow these steps and to achieve lasting success. I loved it so much I bought 50 copies to give to family and friends. A super high recommendation. Just buy it.”

Today on Facebook, I posted this video for people to see and share. I also said, “I love this! Going to be blogging about my experience with this book later today. He wrote something on page 8 that really lifted me up. I could feel myself being pulled up and forward. Sounds strange but I don’t know how else to describe what happened.” 

Thank you Matthew Michalewicz ! Okay, I won’t make you wait any longer. Excerpt from page 8 in the paperback. (Kindle Locations 143-149) ~


Each morning I tell my wife and kids how much I love them, as if I’ll never see them again – each year I’m living like it’s my last, bucket list and all.

Do you have a bucket list? No? Then make one and do it now, while you still can, while there’s still life and strength in your veins. If you only had one year to live, you’d do it now. Nothing would stop you. No amount of commitments, obligations, or responsibilities. But because you measure time in “years lived” rather than “days left,” the future seems unlimited, so you defer and wait. You do everything you “have to” and very little of what you “want to.” But what are you waiting for? When you’re old and frail? When your desire has evaporated? When your loved ones are gone?


The smallest of human beings can achieve the greatest of deeds – Life in Half a Second provides interesting ideas on how it’s done.

– Lech Walesa, former President of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner

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