How much can a woman ever really know her husband?

A Naive Heart

I shall not tell you anything about Sarah Becks because this book is based on a true story. I shall warn you about one thing though. You will be sucked in when you read the prologue. 

Review by R. Brown – What a Read! 

This was a moving story, which surprised me, shocked me and then warmed me. Despite being based on a true story, it was a novel that fully absorbed my curiosity, I had to read more. It did not disappoint. I wanted it to continue.

Sexy excerpt from Chapter One –  (Kindle Locations 215-225)

Real life, I had unfortunately discovered, was not like the movies. There had been no gorgeous hunk to fall in love with at first sight, nor had there been any heart pounding yearning and no stomach wrenching love sickness. A Brad Pitt hunk had not come knocking on my door and swept me off my feet. I was still waiting for my knight in shining armour and living a happy ever after ending. But in reality I knew he did not exist; he was an effigy that we women had been fooled into believing in and in my experience he was nothing but a myth.

I had recently met someone slightly different; we’d bumped into each other a couple of months ago. We’d talked, danced and even kissed but he was always cool, almost stand-offish. I knew he fancied me; he told me so and it was a mutual thing. So why was he playing hard to get? Maybe it was the divorced with two kids thing with this man? Or was he a stereotypical Mr. Gorgeous and characteristically arrogant? I didn’t know and after meeting up on several occasions, I was past caring. I hadn’t had sex for over a year and I wanted him. So rather than play games and waste time deciding if he was right or wrong for me, I was just going to have him. A one night stand, its 1993 and nearly everyone I knew had them. Me? Never, but tonight I was going to. Tonight I would settle for just sex.


Excellent description of A Naive Heart ~ 

How much can a woman ever really know her husband? Can a man really hide his true-self from the woman who loves him?

‘One woman’s story proves that a man can.’

Sarah’s husband John, a seemingly caring, loving and considerate partner, was such a man. Sarah was to discover their relationship was a façade as slowly over the years John began to reveal his true identity. He was a man unable to control his dark secret desires. Desires which he kept hidden so well at first but which ultimately consumed him leading to a marriage rocked by betrayal and deception. But what were the secret desires that drove him to lie and to conceal the real him from Sarah? 

‘Based on a True Story, ‘ A Naive Heart portrays a love sadly gone wrong and a marriage full of pretense, secrecy and shocking revelations. It will strike a chord with any woman who has wondered if they ‘ever truly know their partner.’

Review by Ron – I loved it

I couldn’t put this book down! I had to keep reading to discover what would happen next. Shocking and moving, it made me laugh and cry. I loved it. Well worth reading I would recommend it to all women.

 A Naive Heart is available on Amazon! 

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