Children’s Book: Funny bedtime story featuring Bunnies

Bunny Donny and Michelle's Camp Performance

This children’s book is for bedtime reading for ages 3-7, as well as independent reading for ages 6-7 years. Review below lets parents in on the story ahead of time.

Review by A. Prosper – Charming Story With a Great Messages of Support and Confidence

This is a charming story featuring adorable characters that you can share with boys or girls with great confidence. I loved the bunny characters, and the illustrations are delightful and really well done, with each character having a lot of personality and warmth. I loved it that the siblings have great interactions where they are supportive of each other and working together, as that’s great modeling that my own children need now and then! Both parents are shown as involved and supportive too.

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The central plot is that the bunnies feel shy about what to perform at a camp performance, but they prevail because they asked their mom who guided them practically and emotionally to take on the challenge with confidence backed with a lot of practice. Beautiful concept that children need to hear, and it’s all done gently and full of the fun energy of showtime.

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It’s also fun that the book includes their song lyrics as part of the story, so you can make up a tune to sing those lines as you read if you want for a fun read aloud experience. In all, a great story your children will love having and you’ll enjoy reading.

Bunny Donny and Michelle’s Camp Performance is available on Amazon.


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