Can the children defeat the evil?


I find that series books are always enjoyable to delve into. This is the first book of a ‘fantasy’ and the review below (IABookReviews) really describes it well. However, let us start out with the official description.

Official Description: April 15th, 2011. Cara’s school field trip leads to a journey beyond the point of no return. Cara, John, Martha, Tracy, and Adam will descend into The Library Complex and their lives will be changed forever. As they begin to discover the secrets of The Library Complex, natural and supernatural forces will collide and the fate of all will change.

The Library Series begins in the year 2011 in a fictional world similar to ours. Each book in the Library Series tells a complete story and advances the overarching story of the series.

From The Author – Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus

As an author, my current goal is to create works that can be enjoyed by a variety of people. I ensure that the book can be easily understood from start to finish while adding “optional” sections that require the reader to think on their own. gave this a 7.5/10.0!

“It all started with a field trip to an abandoned library in Greyville. Five students find themselves in an adventure of a lifetime when a unreadable book crosses paths with Cara.

Cara, “the leader”, finds herself drawn to a book that is written in ancient runes, and is indecipherable. When a strange man appears out of no where, he explains to the children that an evil is coming up through the worlds and will make it’s exit through the library.

To save the world from devastation, the children must act and go through the library and into another world. Can the children defeat the evil while staying together or will they be separated and lost to the evil forever?”


“…I recommend this book to any fantasy reader as it was a good read, and the characters were very well constructed.”


I like this paragraph! Wish I had these powers. 

If one were to look carefully at him, they would see that his apparently empty gaze was not so empty at all. His eyes were analyzing the books as they flew around him. And in this situation ‘analyzing the books’ describes the process by which the entity read and processed every single book within seconds.

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