Being a Normal Family is a State of Mind


Guest Article by  Erik Daniel Shein (Author), L.M. Reker (Author)

I loved it. The story teaches you that it is okay to be different or unique. It also shows great respect for animals and nature.

~ Amazon Review by N. Cataldi – The monsterjunkies


When four teenagers enter the house on 1313 Road-to-Nowhere they will learn a lesson that will change their lives forever

Tucked away at a remote estate in Foggy Point, Maine is a place where the strange is normal, and the bizarre is every day. This is a unique place, where, if you do not have an open mind, you will lose your mind in its reality and truths. This is the home of The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey. They are a modern day Addams Family with elements of mystery, enchantment, adventure, gothic subculture, ancestral loyalty, unusual beings, and a love of wildlife and rare creatures.

Crow and his sister, Indigo Monsterjunkie and their friends are forced to face bullying, emotional abuse, prejudice, and revenge while exploring the worlds around them and experimenting with their identities. The Monsterjunkies and their animals are about trying to carry on an important legacy in the face of social rejection, false accusations, and loss.

The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey. Being a Normal Family is a State of Mind: We all are Monsterjunkies and wear masks during our daily lives, in school, during work, hanging out with our friends, imitating people we look up to and admire, or those we want to be. It is the people who take off their masks and show the real person inside who are the ones that truly find meaning in their lives.

Who are the real monsters? People who wear masks of goodness and
respectability, but hide their actual hypocrisy and deep intolerance of


Are the creatures and people who are different because of their appearance,
social status, and the choices they make, the real monsters?

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