A Kitty and His Dream

A Kitty and His Dream

Review by Rosette – Dreams Can Come True

“Nicely illustrated story of a kitty’s attempts to obtain a loving home of his own – the object of his dream. The colorful graphics are engaging – the kitty’s facial expressions are particularly adorable. The story provides a look at life in an animal shelter, and at the end, the author includes a link to help make the dream of shelter animals (like the one in this story) come true.”

From the Author – A. J. Fontaine (see Kitty-Witty Blog)

The purrrrfect and touching story of Outside Kitty, an adorable cat who dreams of living the good life with a loving family. O.K doesn’t just wait for a family to find him, he tries to find them! This sets off a heart-warming chain of events that are challenging, exciting and kitty cat cute.

Follow Outside Kitty as he goes from an outside pet to a shelter cat. Will O.K. get along with the other animals in the shelter? Will he ever find a home with a caring family, warm bed and a delicious meal? Read “A Kitty and His Dream” with the little cat lover in your life!

This must read is a children’s book that the entire family will enjoy reading time and time again.

“The real life Outside Kitty was brought to the Humane Society of Douglas County, which was also where he was adopted from,” explained Fontaine. “Our way of saying thanks is to show the benefits of these organizations, and this is why we’re donating a portion of the sales to our local humane society.”

Review by Ntropi – Not what I expected; it’s a great story

I don’t want to spoil the story, but being a cat lover, I was rooting for the kitty the whole time. For a story that is as short as this one is, it has quite a plot. I am impressed by how well it is written. I recommend this book to anyone who can handle a bit of reality in their fairytales.


Note from Seann ~ This is such a cute little story. A very important one for kids too. Helps them understand how important it is to take care of their pets and where they can get a pet to bring home as well. We have two cats – Shadow and Lacey.(purrrrfect)

A Kitty and His Dream available on Amazon – USA & Canada


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