Would you risk everything to be true to yourself?

“Some books become part of you….. this is one of them! I will ponder this story for a long time. Excellent!”

An Island Between Two Shores

~  Amazon Review by hardworkingdog –  Brisk, fierce, lasting

Let me address the question posed in the title. I think I would risk everything to be true to myself. It would be like taking a stand for what you believe in and not backing down. When I started reading this book, I could feel my heart beating faster and I was saying to myself, “Oh no!” and “Holy Crap”. Instead of me telling you what it is about I will share the book description and reviews below to give a great glimpse into this story.

Author Graham Wilson is an Amazon Bestselling Author, having written twelve books with three of them hitting bestseller status. He is also a very interesting man. I love what he says on his website about a writer’s life. He finds that he writes best in a tent or on a sailboat. Most importantly he shares, “My strongest work comes when I’m happy so I try to live an active life that allows lots of opportunities for adventure and time in the outdoors.”

Book Trailer:

Book Description:

Discover a story that reveals how to risk everything to be true to yourself. Trapped on a desolate arctic island, Liana is pushed to the edge and must face her elemental fears. It is a haunting tale of the biting physical toil survival often requires. Graham Wilson simultaneously strips down the American adventure novel while broadening its concerns to encompass themes of compassion and belonging. It is a universal tale told with a simplicity and directness rarely seen today. An Island Between Two Shores is an unforgettable story of hope and possibility. It will be available soon as an audiobook.

I have lived in the Yukon since 1986. I like to paddle, ski and climb and have explored much of the north. My writing is influenced by these adventures.

~ Graham Wilson

Review by Hella Prante – Gripping & Suspense Filled

“Suspense filled and hard to put down. Graham Wilson is a masterful writer and skillfully draws the reader into the extreme isolation and desolation that the heroine endures. He understands the North with all its intensity. Thanks for the great read.”

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