Why don’t I have a daddy?

Guest article by Elizabeth Reed.

Michael and Mommy

Nowadays, being a single parent is a common and an acceptable part of society.  Many mothers choose to go to a clinic and use a sperm donor so that they can have and raise a child of their own.

This leaves those single mom children with questions. As they grow up they start to ask, “Why don’t I have a daddy?” 

“Michael and Mommy” is a book dedicated to those children and mothers.
It is important for mothers to ensure that their children start to learn about and understand their origin from an early age.

Michael is a curious and endearing child who begins to ask his mom questions about his identity and his family story, questions that are sometimes hard to explain to little children.

Join Michael in his quest and find out how love completes a family.

Read this heartwarming story together with your child during storytelling time!

Available on Amazon (for 2 to 3 year olds)

Note from Seann: But wait….do you have a little girl or are you a teacher looking for a way to explain to children about different sorts of families? Then you are in luck. Elizabeth Reed published another version of this book which stars a little girl named Megan.

Megan and Mommy

Review by M. Altman on Amazon – Helps children feel loved despite any situation

Families these days vary. There are the traditional families and those with single parents. I believe, as a parent in a traditional family, this book teaches ALL parents to be honest with their child and to continuously show our love to our children.

For children who are 4 to 5 years of age, there are books for them too!

James         Ashley

~ Amazon Review by G. Harp

The Birds and the Bees story for sharing with youngsters…Accompanied by sensitive childlike drawings James’ mother shares with her son that James began in her mother’s heart – her heart heralded the presence of a boy.

Megan and Mommy

A Family of Two: James Began in Mommy’s Heart

A Family of Two: Ashley Began in Mommy’s Heart








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