Raw Passion

Raw Passion

Do you like a hot and steamy romance novel? Then check out “Raw Passion” by PJ Chase, available now for just $2.99.

This book will grab your attention from the get go. It starts off with a dream (which is right up my alley) and gets your heart beating fast in anticipation.

Short excerpt: “For the first time in Colin’s life, he let himself fall in love. And much to his surprise, the sex got even better. The more time Colin spent with Samantha, the more he became a changed man. He became more well rounded. Instead of just training, fighting, watching the sports network, and listening to hard rock, Colin branched out. His edges softened a little. The emotional walls came down.” (Kindle Locations 92-94).

Review by martine on Amazon:

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. Romance and sports combined – what a great idea! The reader gets an inside view of the mixed martial arts sport while being reminded that the fighters are humans with real feelings. The author, PJ Chase, does a great job with Raw Passion. Looking forward to more from this author!

The book description gives us another great snap shot:

After suffering a crushing upset, twenty-eight year old MMA fighter Colin Robinson fears that it might be time to throw in the towel on his career. Then he gets an amazing offer for another fight–but it comes with a catch.

Before Colin can focus on another fight though, he needs to piece back together the shambles of his love life. After having his heart broken recently though, it won’t be easy. Then Colin meets a beautiful stranger with a past. Will she change his life for the better, or worse?

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