Nurses’ Romance: Laurie & Andrew

Nurses' Romance

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Tough topics addressed in this short novel. The first chapter is named “Tough Decisions” so that is a clue. This review tells what the story is about!

Review by  Heather – Great start to the series

“This is a great start to a unique story. The e-book is a little on the shorter side, but it is an introduction and ends at a good point so you want to know more, but you’re at a good spot to pause and wait for more. It moves quickly and the characters are easy to relate to, so it’s a great read if you aren’t looking for an epic adventure to hold your attention for days. And it looks like there are future books to grow the plot.

One thing I love about this book is that the main character has had an exceptionally rough life. She is struggling to raise twins born following abuse by her uncle. She kept the children and lived with her parents who were very supportive. But after a failed relationship—the first time she opened herself to love—she decides to escape her hometown and strike out entirely on her own. It’s after taking this giant leap that she meets Andrew. It doesn’t get much harder for the leading lady than that in the romance genre. I really appreciated that a book has such a strong character with such a difficult past.”


Twenty-five-year-old Laurie meadows brushed her long, auburn hair back impatiently from her heart-shaped face. She was running late for her job as a charge nurse in the men’s rehab unit at Wellesley rehabilitation center.

Her twins, Billy and Brenda, had given her some hard time again today when she dropped them off at the sitter’s house on her way to work. She’d lost fifteen minutes trying to reason with them. The sitter assured her that her kids would be off happily playing with the other kids by the time she pulled into Wellesley’s parking lot ten minutes away. She urged her to drop off her kids, kiss them good-bye, and go.

But, Laurie couldn’t do that. It had been only eight weeks since they’d left their grandparents’ home and moved to San Diego. Unaccustomed to her twelve-hour shifts and to being left with a sitter, her eleven-year-olds were not adapting well to the absence of their grandparents or their mother’s twelve-hour shifts at Wellesley. She just couldn’t drop them off and turn her back on them.

Jane John-Nwankwo

Jane John-Nwankwo


With more than 10 years as a professional speaker, Jane John-Nwankwo can hold any audience sitting straight on their chairs for one whole hour! She is a published author of more than 20 books including the best selling “How to make a million in nursing: The first Five Steps” and The “Nurses’ Romance Series”. (see continued biography on Jane John-Nwankwo’s website)

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