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Corey the Christmas Calf


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Guest Article by Patty Johnson

In Corey the Christmas Calf, Farmer Brown and his wife Jenny play host to a group of children from a nearby orphanage. The children love spending time at the farm. They love petting the animals, especially the funny little calf, Corey.

Corey with yellow ribbon

It is Corey’s first winter and his first Christmas. He loves running through the cold, white, slushy stuff. And, he can’t wait to see what gifts he’s going to receive on Christmas morning, when he is informed that Christmas isn’t just about getting, it’s about giving also. Corey spends Christmas Eve Looking, but not finding any gifts to give. Corey learns a valuable lesson about Christmas.

These funny stories were written to both amuse and educate children between the ages of 3-7. Each book teaches a moral value such as honesty, giving, etc., with tips to the parents on how to help their little ones.

Corey Presents

Review on Amazon by Johnnie Proby – The perfect gift!!

“This Christmas, I wanted to find books for my 4 and 6 year old nieces to help them understand the real meaning of Christmas, so when I stumbled across this little jewel titled: Corey the Christmas Calf, I had to buy it right away. Thanks for creating such a meaningful treasure. I am sure my nieces will be happy to find this gift under their tree.”

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The first in the series, “Corey the Christmas Calf” is FREE on Amazon on December 20th & 21st and again on December 24th & 25th.

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Note from Seann: I am excited to have the Corey the Christmas Calf book for my son who is three years old. AND…as many of you know, I want to know more about the author who writes the books and why.

Here is a snippet of Patty Johnson’s Biography:

While she’s passionate about writing, the biggest role Patty has played is being a mother to two boys with autism and ADHD. She has to be creative to come up with ways to interact with, teach, and entertain them. She draws upon her big imagination and background as a writer in order to come up with wonderful bedtime tales each night for her sons. As a result, her boys have the biggest imaginations around—they are musicians, artists, and actors, and they make up some incredibly funny and imaginative stories. Corey the Calf is just one of the adventures that they crafted together. So in a way, her sons are co-authors of her best work.

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