Reboot Your Relationship!

If the courtship is the sales pitch, marriage is the sale, and everything after that is the lifetime warranty. Reboot Your Relationship

~ Savannah Ellis

Reboot Your Relationship is a deep but easy-to-understand dive into the complex world of interpersonal relationships.

For many couples, after the “honeymoon” wears off, boredom, discourse and angst grows. With a 50% divorce rate in the USA, is it any wonder our relationships are a challenge?

Connection is why we are here. Life is about relationships. It’s what brings purpose and meaning to our lives.

~ Joe Whitcomb

Reboot Your Relationship tackles this problem from the inside out. The methods in the book begin with delivering a clear and concise awareness of how we think, feel, emote and relate as human beings.

From there, the book rapidly takes us on a journey to understand our personal behaviors, needs and wants. It is only when we have a crystal clear understanding of ourselves that we can hope to relate to our partners. We move from the “I” to the “We” effortlessly and from the heart. The authors, Joe Whitcomb and Savannah Ellis have decades of research, experience and credentials to support their system of “WE-3” which take couples through the “I” to “We” journey through:

  • Entertainment (relating can be fun!)
  • Experiential (we learn best by doing)
  • Empowerment (creating stronger “I’s” for an unbreakable “We”)

The book is suitable for couples and individuals alike. The education inside works great for couples in turmoil, if you need a tune up or want to become a more attractive partner for the future. No matter where you are in life (in or out of a relationship), you’ll find great tools and enlightening tactics to reshape your relationship and create a life full of love, connection and joy.

~ Guest Blog Post by Savannah Ellis & Joe Whitcomb

Note from Seann 🙂 I love the videos on Savannah Ellis’ YouTube Channel. This one is called: What does the Contract of Marriage Mean?  Savannah answers the question most asked, “How many times per week should I be having sex with my partner?”


To purchase this book and learn more about “Rebooting Your Relationship” visit their website.

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