What does my life really look like?

Sometimes it takes a few friends around you to show you what you love about your own life. It also can make you declare where you stand in the world. It had me thinking about what my life really looks like… 

Oh what am I going on about now? Well I imagine this is what it feels like to be a gay person coming out to the world. Today, a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while said to me –  “like a psychic?” (in regards to what I was doing) She was so cute in how she said it too. I was very grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to proudly say, “Not like a psychic, I am a psychic!” It has taken me a long time to fully own who I am and what I can offer in this world.

Run on sentence day…lots of flowing thoughts. I’ve noticed it is also a day of removing threads from clothing. Anyhow, another friend I was texting with today is having financial challenges and being associated with people she cannot trust. She has to lie to them if she has money because they expect her to just give them her hard earned dough. (for their addictions)

Let’s give my friend a fictitious name for easier story telling. (hmmm…well I don’t have a friend named Samantha so I will use that) What I said to her can be helpful for so many other people. (myself included)

And get this – it includes a romantic piece as well!

Samantha is finding it hard to keep up with how much it costs to live in this world. I agree. If you get behind on anything because life throws a few surprises then it is even more of a challenge. Top that off with the people around her not being honest.  Then she takes on this same behavior by telling lies so as to keep her money to spend where she sees fit. Samantha does not want to be the enabler by giving them her money so they can buy cigarettes and booze.  To top it off, she finds that with having to work and juggle so much there isn’t much time left over for her boyfriend.

However, because of not being able to be truthful with him either, she does not want to live with him until things change. For me, seeing this about her life has me being very grateful for mine. I said to her, “I sleep with my lover every night. It is wonderful and I love my life.” (He is actually my husband but it was fun calling him my lover in this conversation) She responded that she was happy for me that I had what I wanted. (Good response- Thank you Samantha)

Now moving on to the best advice I could muster dealing with finance and romance, I declared, “That is why it would be good for you to decide what you want your life to look like. Really look like. Your financial situation is not going to change to great until you set some clear boundaries.”

I went on to say, “If you want the same (as me) you have to make a decision that you deserve to have it. If your boyfriend doesn’t fit into that picture because you do not trust him…then you need to move on so you can have the lifestyle you want.”

It was a tell it like it is day today! Acknowledgment at its finest.

🙂 Seann

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