Leave no stone unturned

The Elderine Stone Update: October 5th, 2013 – New Cover!


Leave no stone unturned…that is what you will be doing if you pass on reading this fascinating story. The Elderine Stone by Alan Lawson is a story of a young boy’s adventure when he takes a shortcut to school. He is being raised by his authoritative, controlling aunt and wishes to have a break from it. Be careful what you wish for…be careful what you dream about.

This is the review I found on the author, Alan Lawson’s site that prompted me to buy the book. After all, if a teacher is using this book in her classroom, you know that the grammar and spelling will be correct and it has to be something that will spark and keep the children’s interest. (Since we are all big kids anyway, then it would be great for me too)

“I have used The Elderine Stone with a primary 5 class in England; I felt the vivid descriptions were brilliant for my lesson on comparing and contrasting fantasy books. The book was also highly praised by the specialist English teacher observing my lesson. I have also read an extract of the book to children on World Book Day; it was received with great enthusiasm and left the kids wanting to know more of the story.”

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of The Elderine Stone: “For a moment he stood there looking at the rich redwood door which stood in front of him. Gingerly, he pushed on the door, expecting it to be firmly closed. The door moved slightly, letting out a gush of old air that smelt of damp, yet carried a hint of something that smelt rather pleasing, and inviting.”

I would suggest venturing over to Alan’s website to check out the visuals, more reviews & information about the characters. Many of the reviews are stating they want the story to continue (I second that) so let’s “wish” for Lawson to keep writing!

fantasy_town_2 The Elderine Stone


What is wonderful about The Elderine Stone is the characters are relatable and believable. As you read, you wonder, so you read some more and wonder some more until no stone is left unturned.



Find the link to purchase this book on the Author’s website or in the Amazon links to the right.(Blogroll)

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