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Allow me to introduce B.A Anderson. I am a HUGE fan of Edgar Cayce and own this book on Kindle. I really recommend taking the time to delve into it. There are stories illustrating twelve of the most common natural home remedies used. This book is easy to follow and use.

I have read many Edgar Cayce books with exact “word for word” material of his transcribed. It is like reading Shakespeare and can be challenging to follow. Edgar Cayce Cures gives you the information in an understandable way. Read on to see what the author has to say about her book!


Edgar Cayce Cures an easy to understand way to care for yourself with Edgar Cayce “Father of Holistic Medicine” recommended holistic remedies and therapies.


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Edgar Cayce Cures contains 12 of the most recommended natural home holistic remedies and alternative therapies from the Edgar Cayce readings. Each alternative therapy and holistic medicine is displayed in an easy to follow format including a picture with a description on how to use these Edgar Cayce all natural cures based on the Edgar Cayce readings from Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment).

Some of these alternative therapies used and portrayed in Edgar Cayce Cures were such as; the radiac; the uv ray appliance; and wet cell battery. Then such holistic remedies explained are castor oil; atomidine, ipsab are among the most mentioned.

Edgar Cayce in his time gave over 14,000 psychic readings and of those, around 9000 of these readings were health related using alternative medicines, natural cures, alternative energy medicine and holistic therapies. Edgar Cayce was perhaps the most famous and most carefully documented psychic of our time. For more than 40 years at least twice a day he would lie down on a couch and go into a sleep light state and respond to questions. These sessions called readings were carefully transcribed by his secretary and preserved by the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach.

The Edgar Cayce Clinic (formally A.R.E. Clinic) in Phoenix, AZ. used these natural cures, alternative therapies and all natural holistic remedies for over 40 years to treat patients based on the Edgar Cayce readings. Doctors William A Mc Garey and Gladys Mc Garey started the ARE Clinic in Phoenix Arizona. The many healings accomplished at the clinic for patients who found little relief from conventional medicine is attributed not only to doctors William and Gladys Mc Garey and their staff at the continuing value of the unconventional remedies found in the Edgar Cayce readings and his philosophy of healing the body mind and spirit.

Written by: B.A. Anderson


Fantastic book with fantastic info, February 27, 2013

Everyone should have this book in their personal library. As a doctor, I always attempt using alternative medicine first and Edgar Cayce was the person you could trust in alternative medicine. The author really brought out the essence of alternative medicine and this book is written in easy every day language. Great effort and information!

Dr. Leland Benton


Edgar Cayce Cures – using alternative holistic remedies and treatments, December 4, 2012

I was exposed to Cayce several decades ago, his teachings were some of my first readings in the natural healing area. This book is not a rehash or review of Cayce’s philosophy, it is a valuable treatment handbook for those that subscribe to Cayce’s methods. Concise, and to the point.

Dr. Tom

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